Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ngozi & Innocent!

This is wishing you my dear friends, Ngozi and Innocent a very happy married life together as you celebrate your traditional marriage today!
God bless your home with His presence, love, peace, joy & blessings that maketh rich and addeth no sorrows!



Happy Independence Day to all my Naija people!
Let’s celebrate peacefully.
GOD bless Nigeria!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Beauty Out-of-Naija for this Weekend.

     Ibukun Jegede
He is from Lagos but is a UK based model. He was the 2008 winner of Britain’s Next Top Model of Colour has been a professional model for 8 years and has worked with top designers such as Hugo Boss, Fred Perry, Timberland, Paul Smith and British top fashion label Gloverall.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flip Side... (The concluding part).

Continued from here.

"Easy ladies" Akunna said with a little chuckle, "calm down."
"Girl talk joor" I said.
"When she woke up, I called her name and told her I was the one talking to her, she asked 'where’s Henry?' I told her he wasn’t in the room but he was around, she started crying". Akunna paused and continued, "As I consoled her I asked if she could recall the last thing that happened and she said she could only remember Henry saying 'how dare you?' and a bang on her face and blackout. I didn't want to push further so I recommended she relaxed a bit more."
"I guess he must have slapped her face with something not just his palm" I said trying to picture the scenario in my head.
"Akunna please let's see her, she’s rested long enough" Furo said with so much anxiety, “she’s been here since 3pm and you just buzzed this evening, she ought to be stable now."
"Well, let's go see her cause I'm not sure I'd like Henry to meet you here. You know it would look somehow" Akunna said and we got up to go see Nnenna in a private room.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quote for the week!

                          Who’s got your back?

If it’s not the Almighty God, well I’m so sure you must be that bodiless person crying.

Maltina Dance All 2011 Winners: The Ekubo Family!

Congratulations to the Ekubo Family, they are the winners of this year’s Maltina dance all competition. They won five million naira and a brand new SUV!
Second place went to the Dare family while the Utogo family came third.
Well done guys!
I hope I can go for such a competition with my family someday…lol!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Beauty Out-of-Naija for this Weekend.

Banke Olutimehin
She is from a family of three that hails from Ipele Owo, Ondo State. She is a student of Lagos State University, studying Industrial Relation & Personnel Management and has been modeling for about four years now.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whose baby is this?

Please can someone help me in identifying this very cute baby? Her picture has been circulating as dp(display picture) on bbm for some days now and each person keeps claiming “She’s my niece”. Only one person I asked has been truthful enough to say “I stole the picture”…lol.
 I am not alone in this inquiry; some friends too have observed this trend. So please somebody, anybody, just tell us the truth about this baby, who she is. Is she a celeb’s baby? She’s so adorable!

Girl pours hot oil on another girl! [Pictures]

For close to 24hours now I’ve been wondering what would be enough reason for a young girl like this
to pour hot oil on a fellow human being like this other young girl
thus leaving her like this!
I’m still shocked at this behavior.
Some people have said it could be a quarrel because of a “sugar-daddy” a.k.a. “aristo” but then I asked ‘what would the man’s wife do if mere girlfriends are doing this?’
Or could this be the answer to his wife’s prayers of “God cause confusion in the midst of my enemies’ camp” / “God punish every woman trying to break up my marriage”? Because here, one person is scared for life and the other must go behind bars for a while for carrying out such a wicked act.
Well, let’s watch out as more unfolds.

Odeshi disappoints OPC Leader: dies from friend’s testing shot.

Yisa Anifowose
As hilarious as it may sound but very serious, Yisa Anifowose has sadly lost his life in a bid to test the efficacy of his newly acquired bullet-proof charm popularly known in Nigeria as “Odeshi” (O dighi eshi meaning: it’s not going to happen as intended).
Until his death he was the leader of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC, at Shasha Akowonjo, Lagos State.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MBGN 2011: How unSOPHISTICATED for Miss World.

So the Miss World event is coming up soon and to represent Nigeria is MBGN 2011, Sylvia Nduka. I don’t know how the judges came up with her as the winner of MBGN 2011 because she wasn’t the crowd’s favorite, but anyhow, she is MBGN 2011. But I know the judges at the Miss World event would be totally different from the MBGN 2011 judges. When I saw her Miss World 2011 Questionnaire on, I could bet with all the possessions that God has given me on this earth (especially if the bet is between me and Aliko Dangote or Mike Adenuga…lol) that this girl wouldn’t go far in this competition unless they cheat for her!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flip Side...

Coming home from work as early as 6pm was not a regular occurrence for me especially on Fridays but today had been a good day for me at work.
First, my boss called in early to say he wouldn’t be around therefore all appointments had to be rescheduled, which I did in a matter of minutes. Second, I got a call from my youngest brother to say he had just finished his final year project defense; I was excited and grateful to God that we all had become graduates. Third, my fiancé sent me an unexpected gift just to appreciate me and the love we shared. He got me a Cartier 21 Chronoscaph wrist watch; I couldn’t hide my excitement so I made sure we were able to do lunch together. My day couldn’t have been better so I was happy to close early and get home early.
I planned to go to the gym with my fiancé on Saturday morning so I needed to go to bed a bit earlier than normal. I quickly prepared dinner and ate. I was going to have my bath to feel very refreshed before going to bed when I received an SMS from my friend Furo. It read,
 “Wanga please come to LifeHope hospital. Nnenna has just been admitted”.