Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Flip Side...

Coming home from work as early as 6pm was not a regular occurrence for me especially on Fridays but today had been a good day for me at work.
First, my boss called in early to say he wouldn’t be around therefore all appointments had to be rescheduled, which I did in a matter of minutes. Second, I got a call from my youngest brother to say he had just finished his final year project defense; I was excited and grateful to God that we all had become graduates. Third, my fiancĂ© sent me an unexpected gift just to appreciate me and the love we shared. He got me a Cartier 21 Chronoscaph wrist watch; I couldn’t hide my excitement so I made sure we were able to do lunch together. My day couldn’t have been better so I was happy to close early and get home early.
I planned to go to the gym with my fiancé on Saturday morning so I needed to go to bed a bit earlier than normal. I quickly prepared dinner and ate. I was going to have my bath to feel very refreshed before going to bed when I received an SMS from my friend Furo. It read,
 “Wanga please come to LifeHope hospital. Nnenna has just been admitted”.

This wasn’t just a nice text for the moment; my day had been on a high note and this looked like it was about to bring it down. I called Furo but she wasn’t picking and I got scared, was it that serious? I normally don’t get panicked easily so I calmly changed my clothes, got out of the house and picked a commercial motorbike in other to get there faster through the traffic. LifeHope hospital isn't too far from my house and on getting there I met Nurse Belema at the reception talking with her colleague.
"Good evening Nurse" I said.
"Good evening Wanga, I knew you'd come, Dr. Akunna is in her office. You can go and see her".
"Ok thanks" I replied her as I made for Akunna's office.
Dr Akunna, Furo, Nnenna and I are very close friends. We all used LifeHope hospital because Akunna worked there. I knocked lightly on her door and when she responded I opened the door.
"Hi Wanga, you are welcome" Akunna got up to welcome me.
"Thanks" I said, "what’s going on? Furo sent me a text about Nnenna being admitted. Where's Furo?"
"Furo went to the ladies, she'll soon be here," Akunna replied as I took a seat, "Nnenna is responding to treatment and she should be good to go by tomorrow evening."
Furo came in "Hi Wanga, you were quite fast."
"I used a bike. What happened to Nnenna?"
"Well," Akunna began, “Henry brought her, said she had a domestic accident and she passed out. From what I saw, she had some little contusions on her face".
Furo and I exchanged glances and Akunna continued, "I'm suspecting she landed on her face but she had some marks on her upper left arms."
There was a tensed silence that lasted about a minute before Furo spoke up, "I think he beat her."
That was just what I thought of too.
"Henry doesn't come to me as one who would do such" Akunna said.
"Oh please," I said feeling irritated, "it’s written on no man's face that he's a woman batterer."
"Yes, but we know Henry, he's a good guy" Akunna tried to defend.
"No no" Furo said, "he can't be a 'good' guy if he hits his wife, till she passes out and then brings her to her doctor friend and claims she had a domestic accident!"
"Where is he by the way?" I asked.
"He went home to get some things she maybe needing since she's going to spend the night here" Akunna replied, "I think the traffic is delaying him".
"Has she regained consciousness?"
"Yes, but she was still weak when I checked on her some hours ago so we are making sure she gets some quiet rest" Akunna told us, "but she said something to me before she slept off."
"What?" Furo and I asked in unison.

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