Friday, September 2, 2011

Super Sand Eagles lose opening match.

Today, while observing my lunch break I caught a glimpse of the on-going FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup taking place in Ravenna, Italy. Nigeria was up against Russia. I was willing to spend some time, maybe watch the first period and it would be my first time sitting to watch the Nigeria beach eagles playing live but I got discouraged when in less than 10 minutes into the match our team had conceded 2 ‘hot’ goals!
I later got to know that the first period ended 4-1 in favor of Russia. In the second period, the Russian side added 2 more goals before the Super Sand Eagles stepped up their game making it 6-3 which after a minute changed to 7-3 and in the final period both teams added 1 goal to their record. The match thus ended 8-4 in favor of the Russian team.
I hope the Nigerian Super Sand eagles do better in their remaining group matches against Venezuela on September 4 and Tahiti on September 6.

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