Thursday, September 8, 2011

Suspected bomb at the Ikeja LGA Office cause panic.

Ikeja area of Lagos State was yesterday thrown into panic following an alleged discovery of a substance suspected to be a bomb inside one of the offices in Ikeja Local Government Secretariat on Obafemi Awolowo Road.

Government workers and those who came for transactions rushed out of the building with some car owners abandoning their vehicles as they fled for their lives.

A multiple auto crash was also averted as motorists and commercial motorcyclists plying the route hurriedly made u-turns. Traders were not left out as they hurriedly locked up their shops and vacated the area.

It was gathered that the combustive substance, which was planted in one of the buildings was connected to an air-conditioner behind the council’s doctor’s office. It was alleged that had the air-conditioner been put on, the substance would have exploded. The Lagos state Police men from the Bomb Disposal Unit came in time to clear and secure the area. They promised to take the substance to the laboratory to ascertain whether it was actually an explosive.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Samuel Jinadu, who was also at the scene, said the substance was not an explosive, though he did not say what exactly it was.

Investigations are still going on.

This is quite scary! What is happening in Nigeria? God save us.

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  1. Hmmm. God save us o. What can be done to stop this madness. I mean, don't Nigerians have enough problems? That some crazy group start adding fear to the plenty wahala on ground! God save us o

  2. Amen o. its only God dat cansave nigeria.