Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Search for Nigeria's Face of Sleek, Sleek Studio Woman & Style Star 2011 Begins!

A drift from the norm!
There are lots and lots of beauty/fashion competitions going on in different parts of Nigeria these days that it’s become so boring for some people like me because the organizers haven’t been able to spice up the shows and be more creative with it (u know wat I’m saying?). But when I read about this on Linda ikeji’s blog today, I was so so excited about the idea, concept and inclusions in the competition that I just have to share it!
We don’t have to celebrate only the “18 – 25”s, some older women still look sweet!
We don’t have to celebrate only the “single ladies”; some married women are really beautiful in all aspects.
We don’t have to celebrate some “dumb skull” undergraduate just because she’s pretty; beauty package is never complete without brains!
It is one competition with three winners…no 2nd place!


·        FACE OF SLEEK: applauding authentic Nigerian beauty, good mannered, well spoken, eloquence and poise. Whilst we honor all we will single one out. She will be the Sleek Ambassador. Her prizes will include a brand new car and a Sponsored trip to the UK for the London Fashion Week. She will be styled for the year with Sleek and S.Studio products. Quite frankly she will get the exposure of a life time.

·        S. STUDIO WOMAN: applauding the working woman, it is open to any woman who works in the corporate world or runs her own business. It is the ultimate tribute to the woman’s all important roles at work and at home. Kudos to every woman who works and run a home as well. Whilst we honor all we will single one out (with the most remarkable story for balancing work and home) she will represent all the remarkable women out there. Her prizes include an exotic holiday for two to Seychelles as well as Sleek, Style Star and S. Studio products for one year.

·        STYLE STAR: applauding the young academic. Sleek is looking for a student whose academic style shines like a star. Someone who excels in the Sciences or in the Arts. She will represent all those out there who burn the midnight lamp to ace their exams. We are honoring those who know that passing exams is still about what you have in your brains. Kudos to all those who pass exams based on merit. Whilst we honor all, one will be selected (with the most outstanding academic record based on mental capabilities). Sleek will give her a full scholarship in any Nigerian University, an internship in the top organization for her chosen field and style her for one year with Sleek, Style Star and products.

To participate all you need to do is to spend N5,000 buying a Sleek Makeover Voucher and you get a registration form for free!!! The Sleek Makeover Voucher entitles you to a professional makeover at any Sleek Studio Nationwide (Bridal, Daytime, Nighttime or Runway…your choice)
Sleek Makeover Vouchers can be bought at any Sleek Studio Nationwide or call 08029429215 and once payment is made at Sleek

Studio Zenith bank account number 1012704946, you will be registered online.

Visit for full listing of Sleek Studios. Contestants are to follow instructions and register on Sleek Facebook and Twitter groups.

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