Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girl pours hot oil on another girl! [Pictures]

For close to 24hours now I’ve been wondering what would be enough reason for a young girl like this
to pour hot oil on a fellow human being like this other young girl
thus leaving her like this!
I’m still shocked at this behavior.
Some people have said it could be a quarrel because of a “sugar-daddy” a.k.a. “aristo” but then I asked ‘what would the man’s wife do if mere girlfriends are doing this?’
Or could this be the answer to his wife’s prayers of “God cause confusion in the midst of my enemies’ camp” / “God punish every woman trying to break up my marriage”? Because here, one person is scared for life and the other must go behind bars for a while for carrying out such a wicked act.
Well, let’s watch out as more unfolds.

1 comment:

  1. Their pictures You posted are from a hotel lobby what else fight over CUSTOMER, pls ignore their plight its the path they chose!
    Even though I patronise so called CLUB GIRLZ I don't feel for them when they get in trouble coz there are other things they cud do to augment living,Beautiful girlswork in my fathers factory producing body cream, they are equally endowed to go into ARISTOCRAZY, however they chose to earn their living decently,You might judge for the patron but if them no de I go find chic but as dem de I am reluctant, I will be praying for her safe recovery but its not enough to invoke my pity!