Friday, September 2, 2011

Free Listening Session.

On a certain day on my way to work, I boarded a LAGBUS headed for TBS. Seated behind me in the bus were two young ladies obviously friends cause they were so engrossed in their conversation. Since the bus radio was off and I didn’t have earphones plugged in my ears like most passengers had, I got a “free” listening session paying attention to their conversation. I wasn’t eavesdropping o, they were talking and the waves just kept entering my ear on its own. Since I don’t know their names I’d refer to them as Lady 1 and Lady 2.  
Lady 1: please face the A.C the other way.
Lady 2: I’m feeling cold too, I’ll just close it.
Lady 1: better. As I was saying, she came that afternoon.
Lady 2: so she now visits people? I thought she was an island that doesn’t need any body.
Lady 1: (laughs) don’t mind her jare. Anyway I don’t blame her, it’s because she managed to see husband.
Lady 2: what did she say made her remember you?
Lady 1: hmm, my dear, it’s her husband o, that she needed someone to talk to about his refusal to grow up and quit being a mummy’s boy.
Lady 2: meaning? So you have become her counselor? G & C.
They share a little laugh.
Lady 1: see me see trouble o?
Lady 2: what did her husband do?
Lady 1: according to her, before they got married he used to live with his mother in her house and he still works for her. So when they were going to get married she rented the apartment where they live now for them. She even furnished it like three weeks to their wedding. She said she took it to be a wedding gift from the woman o.
Lady 2: isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?
Lady 1: I thought so too, in fact I started wishing I’d have such parents’ in-law that would be so nice, but she said when the first year rent expired that her husband didn’t go to renew it by himself instead he went to meet his mother and she went to renew it for the second year and now the rent is due.
Lady 2: he’s a big boy naw he should go and renew it abi their money don finish?
Lady 1: she didn’t come to borrow money o. There’s money but she doesn’t know what the money looks like.
Lady 2: ah-ah. I don’t get o.
Lady 1: he went to meet his mother again to renew the rent! She herself questioned him about him going to see his mother and he said he can’t handle such heavy financial responsibility but that if she wishes to pay for it with her own money that she can go ahead.
Lady 2: what?
Lady 1: she said when it comes to all money-matters in her home, if she doesn’t handle it then it’s her mother in-law that would handle it, her husband doesn’t bother to contribute.
Lady 2: why? Is he broke or something?
Lady 1: broke for wia? He’s just not ready to live up to his responsibilities as a husband and father! She even challenged him a night before as to what he does with his money and all he had to say was “mum keeps it for me” (in a mimicking voice).
Lady 2: are you serious?
Lady 1: the guy is still very dependent on his mama.
Lady 2: but they have kids naw.
Lady 1: yes naw, she’s the one bring the money for every every. I don’t know if its stinginess o or just not wanting to be responsible.
Lady 2: (laughs scornfully) shebi she wants husband? She has seen it, why is she bringing his wahala to share with you? Mtscheew.
Lady 1: I didn’t even know what to tell initially, I never marry before naw so I no get experience. But the thing surprised me sha.
Lady 2: why would he behave like that?
Lady 1: it’s the mummy-mummy thing now, that’s why she wasn’t happy. She had always done everything financial for him and now he’s married he still wants her to continue.
Lady 2: she should go and talk his mother to stop giving him such privileges or doesn’t the mother want to him to be independent?
Lady 1: she is now thinking if she should pay the rent herself or just let him go back to his mother as usual.
Lady 2: she shouldn’t pay o. He’s supposed to provide for his family.
Lady 1: that’s what I told her, she’s even lucky that he has a way of providing for the family, though it may not be a very nice way but at least  it's not a crime. Besides, there somemen who don’t even provide a dime for their family.
Lady 2: na wa o
Lady 1: I told her to talk to her mother in-law, she’d be in a better position to talk to her son, and I’m sure he too will listen to her better than any other person.
Lady 2: was she planning on asking you to speak to her husband? Haha she no serious
Lady 1: (laughs) I no know o.  
Lady 2: abeg. Lets not pass ourbusstop.
Each chuckling they got up and headed towards the door and when the driver stopped they got down.
And my “free” listening session came to an end (lol).


  1. Hehehehe, this one na real gist o. Hmmm Naija men sha! Going to his mother to pay his rent, can he boast of this in public, infront of his friends?
    How does one break such a bad habit without causing an argument that may leave bad blood with the mother in law and husband towards the wife. This na real case of 'look before you leap' Thanks for 'sharing' lol

  2. That is ridiculously funny and odd! Going to his mum? I thought a lot of men had pride. On another note, its a shame when your personal life becomes 'gist'. i sense no sympathy or worry in the ladies tone. Its a shame.

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  3. So where you typing as they spoke or how exactly did you transcribe the entire conversation. Meeehhhhnnnn women sha.. Una to dooo.. satellite vision and hearing. Who needs superman when u have a woman with such super skills

  4. dats some people's life for you o.
    @Losky, lol, wen u pay rapt attention to sometin dats really intriguing to u, i guess it sticks to ur memory for quite some time.