Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whose baby is this?

Please can someone help me in identifying this very cute baby? Her picture has been circulating as dp(display picture) on bbm for some days now and each person keeps claiming “She’s my niece”. Only one person I asked has been truthful enough to say “I stole the picture”…lol.
 I am not alone in this inquiry; some friends too have observed this trend. So please somebody, anybody, just tell us the truth about this baby, who she is. Is she a celeb’s baby? She’s so adorable!


  1. niece bawo?Something similar happened to my own niece....(pun intended, lmao)..But the baby fine nor be small o! She is duper cute! when you get more info, abeg,i go like know.

  2. na wa o. no mind dem na so dem dey claim, if to d baby worwor nobody go put d picture talkless of say na my niece.

  3. It is your child