Thursday, September 22, 2011

Odeshi disappoints OPC Leader: dies from friend’s testing shot.

Yisa Anifowose
As hilarious as it may sound but very serious, Yisa Anifowose has sadly lost his life in a bid to test the efficacy of his newly acquired bullet-proof charm popularly known in Nigeria as “Odeshi” (O dighi eshi meaning: it’s not going to happen as intended).
Until his death he was the leader of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC, at Shasha Akowonjo, Lagos State.
Anifowose, 54, who was popularly called Baba Kazeem was shot in the chest by his friend and member of OPC, John Taju, a one-eyed man. Baba Kazeem on returning to Lagos invited his OPC member friends to their base to celebrate his newly acquired power and the purchase of a new car by one of his members. It was during the celebration that he reportedly told Taju to shoot him with a locally-made gun to test the efficacy of the “Odeshi”. Taju reportedly shot Baba Kazeem and the bullet tore his chest contrary his earlier boasting that it wouldn’t penetrate his body. He slumped and died on the spot.
Investigations are now being carried out by the police.
The late Anifowose was married and had six children.
Now, does it mean that the “Odeshi” was not well prepared? Or did he fail in some of the stated instructions on usage? Or was it meant for bullets of a specific type of gun? Or was it because the shooter was one-eyed?
Who is to blame now: the one who went to look for supernatural powers or the jazz man that prepared the “Odeshi” or the shooter?
O dighi eshi, hmm…. O shiela nga o.

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