Sunday, August 21, 2011

From The Nigerian Kitchen.

Sometimes, some of us may really want to eat some very local delicacies but can’t, either because we can’t prepare them or because we can’t go to where it’s sold to buy & eat it them.
I would be bringing you some easy to do recipes on how you could prepare and enjoy some Nigerian local foods in the comfort of your home.
Today, a friend told me he wanted to eat boli (roasted ripe plantain) but felt too shy to stop at the road side to buy some. I understood his feelings and know a lot of people would identify with him. In order to assist people in such situations I’d recommend this simple recipe.
Get ready your plantain (ripe or unripe, which ever you prefer), your barbecue or oven.
 Wash and peel your plantain. Set up your barbecue on medium heat because the plantain has to be roasted slowly. Place your peeled plantains on the barbecue grids to roast and turn from time to time in order to have an even roast. If using an oven, place your plantain on the grill rack closest to the heat source. Set oven to grill at 150 – 200°C and check from time to time to turn the plantains till it’s perfectly roasted.
Enjoy your boli with roasted (fried) groundnut or peppered fish sauce and a cold drink in the comfort of your home!


  1. i tried dis, it didnt come out like d road side ones sha, bt it felt ok

  2. hi Ms adventure, thanks 4 tryin & i'm happy u got d feel ;)